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Life is a special occasion. One that deserves a fluffy robe and luxe linens on the daily. Don't wait for an occasion.

Bathrobes. I’d never thought too much about one until I begin traveling for work as an assistant and I noticed how much of a difference a good bathrobe made come bath time. Personally, there’s nothing like the feel of a plush robe that gives you that warm tingling feeling. I’ve experienced a fair share of hotel bathrobes in my time - all as glorious as the next - but this is what taught to know the real deal when it came to a personal robe.

I like a robe that’s not too light and runs long enough to wear comfortably over my pajamas. Matouk became such a robe. A family-run business in Massachusetts, Matouk linens really are the ones that hotels supply.  They make sheets, towels, and bathrobes and do their best to make bath time feel like a luxury experience.

I have the Cairo bathrobe in terrycloth - my preferred in the cooler months. It’s warm, without being too stuffy. The feel is almost too luxurious to use regularly. I feel like I should be reserving for special occasions - but hey, life should be a special occasion.



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