Images courtesy of Dr. Barbara Sturm

Images courtesy of Dr. Barbara Sturm

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One of the beauty industries most revered aesthetic medicine specialist, Dr. Barbara Sturm, has opened her first US boutique and spa, right here in New York City. Famous for her scientific discoveries in skin and dermatology, such as her ‘Vampire Facial’ (a regenerative facial using a patients own blood to jumpstart healing of skin cells), Dr. Barbara Sturm has become a mainstay in the world of beauty and a friend to athletes and celebrities looking to give their bodies some added TLC. And now, the German based specialist has brought her expertise and cult-status product, Molecular Cosmetics, to the United States with this very chic boutique and spa.

We spoke with Dr. Sturm to find out a little more about why developing this space was so important to her, her Molecular Range, and her horeds of loyal followers.

Julia von Boehm: congratulations on the opening of your very first boutique and spa here in New York. How long have you been planning to open a boutique & spa in NY?

Dr. Barbara Sturm: Thank you! We are so excited to start welcoming everyone. I have long wanted to open a permanent retail location.  I think it’s important that all of my clients and customers get an in-person, professional educational experience with the products and an opportunity to get one of our facials — having our own location really makes that possible.

JVB: Why choose NY for this opening? And why NoHo?

Dr. Sturm: So much of our customer base is in America, and New York is such a hub for beauty and fashion, we had a lot of demand for a more permanent spot here. NoHo is a great fit with my personal sensibilities - It’s a neighborhood that is so creative, artistic, chic and modern.

JVB: What was the inspiration behind the modern, minimalist look & feel of the space?

Dr. Sturm: The look is really representative of the ethos of products. I emphasize uncomplicated packaging and a small number of clinically potent ingredients in my skincare and I felt that this modern minimalistic design also reflected that. It gives customers the chance to really focus on the products without being too distracted by a frilly space. I love the look.

JVB: And the cement fountain for customers to wash their hands in upon entry, can you explain the inspiration behind this?

Dr. Sturm: I have been making big efforts to raise awareness around pollution and its dangers. Especially in a city like New York we need to pay attention to being as clean as possible. Before touching your face and applying products to your skin its imperative that you start with a pollution free base. The fountain is representative of the pure ingredients in all of my products and also to remind my customers to be kind to their skin and protect it from pollutants and other irritants that trigger skin inflammation.

JVB: New York is a hot spot for beauty, wellness and cosmetic institutions, what do you hope your boutique and spa will bring that is different and exciting?

Dr. Sturm: The space we have created is going to be different because it’s so interactive. I didn’t want it to be a one-dimensional experience where customers just grab a product and hope it might work for them. In the store we will have expert staff and interactive screens helping all our customers to get a real education on each product, a Discovery Table where they can test out each one, and leave feeling like they have purchased items that are really tailored to their skin personally and where they fully understand the ingredient science.

summer-bundle 2-min.jpg

JVB: Will you be stocking your Mini Molecular Collection, as well as your complete Molecular Cosmetics Skincare Collection? My girls just love your Mini range!

Dr. Sturm: Yes! My whole range will be available there.  Of course the Mini Molecular Collection that I first created for my daughter Pepper when she was born has a special place in my heart.

JVB: What do you expect will be your most popular treatment? What must we book ourselves in for ASAP!??

Dr. Sturm: I think the Glow Facial will be super popular. What draws a lot of people to my products is the beautiful glow you achieve with them. The Glow Facial will be amazing before special events or just for a mid-week skin pick-me-up.

JVB: Do you plan on expanding your store presence in the US beyond this opening? Any additional outposts in other countries?

Dr. Sturm: We are so excited about the opening here and are putting a lot of energy in to making our New York Boutique & Spa really perfect. But yes, I intend to keep expanding in the US and in other countries.

The Dr. Barbara Sturm Boutique and Spa opens May 16th. To know more about the services or book an appointment, click here.