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If you’re anything like me, butt-busting workouts and endless squats are not an ideal answer to the aforementioned problem. Luckily, dry brushing and body oils have proven a relatively effortless alternative - and require far less blood, sweat and, my inevitable tears.

Not only is the mere act of brushing your skin (preferably with a medium bristled brush like Dr Barbara Sturm Body Brush) satisfying on a relaxation level, but science has proven this small gesture helps to stimulate the lymphatic system; thus promoting blood flow, invigorating the skin and detoxifying it of any nasties. In short - even science says I can avoid the gym…right?

How you approach dry brushing is personal. For me, I shower first then apply either Rodin Olio Russo Luxury Body Oil or Kora Noni Glow Body Oil to my body brush. Starting at my feet I work in an upward motion toward the thigh, and similarly from hands to shoulders. For stomach and chest it is recommended to work in clockwise circles to help promote a healthy colon and blood flow to the heart.

I try to incorporate dry brushing into my routine at least 3 times a week - especially during the skin-baring months of summer. Given the time we spend on our facial beauty, and the fact the skin is the largest organ of the body, we could all stand to give the body a little more TLC. This little cellulite hack has proven a worthy antidote to uneven skin and I feel softer, more radiant, and a little less wobbly because of it.



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