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A candle brings a level of joy to life that is so simple. Scent is a nostalgic sense that can instantly transport you to another time or place.

When I get home, I light a candle. When I get to the office, I light a candle. When I’m stressed, I light a candle. When I’m entertaining, I light a candle. There’s rarely an occasion I find reason not to light a candle.

And these are the candles I always have burning:


I’m a walking cliche, I love Diptyque. They are the ‘status candle’ for a reason. Classy, refined and elegant; it’s no wonder the Royals selected these Parisian purveyors to develop a unique wedding scent for their special day.

Feu de Bois

They sum it up so completely on their website: “a sophisticated blend of rare woods recalls the crackling of an open fire. Warm and familiar during the winter days”. My girls love it too - it’s a staple feature in our winter evening routine and goes hand-in-hand with the fireplace.


I like to burn this one when I’m hosting people, or having an evening at home to myself. It is a little more ‘grown-up’ than Feu de Bois. The amber fragrance is even referred to as ‘sensual’ by the brand themselves, but it rather reminds me of church.


Trudon has been making candles since the 1600s; there is something to be said for this. What I love most about their collection are the seasonal scents, meaning I can change up my essence on a regular basis and don’t have to select a favorite. Their scents are very old fashioned, and that’s what I love!


These candles are works of art. Carved in a marble shell, they are the epitome of luxury. The glass dome adorned atop preserves the integrity of the scent while protecting the candles from unwanted dirt. Plus, it just looks really impressive. And once you’re all burned out, you can reuse the casing for something else - thrifty! Also, their store fit-outs are an experience, like taking a walk through time (if you’re ever in Paris, Tokyo, London, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Seoul, Copenhagen, and Taipei, please check them out! Otherwise take a look at their Instagram).



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