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Closet rebels rejoice, you can now indulge in marijuana use freely and without guilt - albeit by way of a THC-free extract, known as CBD (Cannabinoid).

This little wonder concentrate has taken the beauty industry by storm as the uber-chill answer to body aches, pains, and skin irritations. CBD based creams, lotions, balms, and serums are popping up as frequently as your regular beauty go-to’s. It is even taking over the food industry (who doesn’t love a baked good).

While most products tend to focus their claims on the health benefits of use (naturally anti-inflammatory, pain reducing), a lesser known benefit is that it can even minimize unwanted signs of aging! While you may not get high off your face cream (sorry teen rebels), the antioxidant-rich extract helps reduce free radicals the skin absorbs from the environment; thus keeping your skin healthy and protected from premature aging.

Here are seven CBD Beauty products to consider having on hand to help keep your skin stress-free.


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LEEF Organics Nooks + Crannies CBD Soap - $22

Why not make bath time that little more relaxing. This plant-based body cleanser comes in four different scents and each bar contains 20 milligrams of CBD. Each bar helps to relieve and calm skin irritations, while simultaneously hydrating. The anti-inflammatory properties are also great for sensitive skin types. Favorite combinations are Black Chamomile and Charcoal and Clay.


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Lord Jones' High CBD Pain and Wellness Body Lotion - $60

This is the perfect lotion for when the body needs a little self-loving and healing, especially after a long work day. Any aches and pains can be addressed with this marvel cream, and the CBD base means it’s naturally anti-inflammatory and suitable for sensitive skin (including acne and eczema). Try rubbing a little of this extra-strength moisturizer on your feet before or after a big event - you will love yourself silly for reducing inevitable stiletto stress.


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Lord Jones’ High CBD Formula Body Oil - $75

Similar to the aforementioned lotion, this oil is ideal for reducing unwanted tensions. The key difference is in the application. Being a body oil, it is naturally a little thicker (yet still highly absorbent), while the roller-ball applicator makes hard-to-reach spots (back/neck pain, anyone?) a little more fuss-free. And it’s great for putting on pressure points. Both the lotion and oil contain 100mg of CBD.


Vertly - Relief Lotion.jpg

Vertly Hemp CBD Infused Relief Lotion - $48

The shea butter base makes this lotion the ideal moisturizer for aches and pains caused by exercise or while traveling (like plane cramps). The CBD infused formula is rich in omegas and vitamins, and with 150mg of hemp extract within, you are assured this little lotion will work wonders on any skin concern.


Theramu - Relieve w Menthol.jpg

Theramu’s Relieve Original Strength Balm- $69.95

This extra-strength topical balm is your rapid-response CBD cream. Target pain by applying right at the sore spot, rather than an all-over approach. What makes this one so unique is emu oil. It is fast-acting, super-absorbent, and leaves the skin silky to the touch.


Mary's Medicinals - Muscle Freeze.jpg

Mary’s Muscle Freeze - $35

This natural pain reliever is a great carry-all option if you don’t feel like dealing with creamy balms. The texture is more like a serum, thanks to its mango butter base and hydrating blend of apricot, sesame, grapeseed, sunflower seed, and rice bran oils. The oils also help the cream to penetrate deeper and target pain right at the source. And the cooling effect is very similar to Tiger Balm - a muscle pain savior.


Hora - Super Serum CBD.jpg

Hora's CBD Super Serum - $54

This super serum is a powerful blend of anti-aging, moisturizing, and hydrating ingredients like rosehip oil, argan oil, hyaluronic acid and vitamins that packs on the moisture while pampering your skin from the relaxing and face-soothing properties of CBD. It will keep stress-induced redness at bay and is thick enough that you don’t need to apply another moisturizer over it.




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