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Ever one for treating myself, silk pajamas are the ultimate luxury I feel every woman should own. If for no other reason, they are an epic love letter to yourself - the kind that wraps itself around you, and instantly gratifies.

For a German country girl who grew up wearing old tee-shirts to bed, I never expected I would develop a penchant for chic night-wear. At first, it was a matching cotton set, then a slinky night-slip. Now, I am obsessed with retiring to bed in head-to-toe silk. Take it from me, there is something immensely alluring about pouring yourself an evening drink while draped in silk pajamas - blame it on a Coco Chanel fantasy.

I look forward to nights where I can trade cocktail attire for cocktails in silk attire.

Over-the-top? Sure. An exercise in affluence and extravagance? Sure. But you will never have a more comfortable sleep than the one you have while wearing silk. And there really are benefits to the excess - your temperature remains moderated and your skin is allowed the opportunity to breathe.

A couple of my favorites? New York label, Araks. They are simple, perfectly cut, have amazing colours and they are quite sexy (oh, and they are sustainable). But when I really want to emulate the lounging expertise of the great Coco Chanel, I leave it to Olivia von Halle. Her pieces are true luxury, and the range of vibrant colors and striking prints are almost too good to keep to oneself. This nightwear may as well be deemed ready-to-wear.



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