Image: Augusto Silva Alliegro

Image: Augusto Silva Alliegro

words by LUCY BULLING • Shop The StoryFashion

Heritage jewelry that never goes out of style, the signet ring is a classic piece that you won't regret investing in.

Once used as a stamp of sorts, designed with your family crest, signature, or monogrammed initials, the signet ring was a symbol of status and fortune, and traditionally worn by men. Today, the signet ring is less about form and function, and more about fun and frivolity.

From finer styles suitable for the pinkie-finger to larger, more statement versions, the options are somewhat endless. What I love about a signet ring is that they make great additions to your existing jewelry collection, and can be easily stacked or layered with your other favorite pieces.

I am a bit of a traditionalist, so I tend to gravitate toward styles with a monogram, crest, or some other family acknowledgment (like those from Turner & Tatler or Ashley Zhang) - I just think they are so elegant.

Some of the heritage purveyors are even having more fun with their designs and getting creative. From large colored stones (like those from Rebus) to quirky imagery and even pop-art (like those from Retrouvaí), the signet ring can be an every-day item that is both playful and classic. I highly recommend the investment. A style statement that can be uniquely personal and sentimental.



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