Image by Fiona Tsz Yuen Tam

Image by Fiona Tsz Yuen Tam

words by GRACIE LIVINGSTON • Shop The StoryBeauty

The world voted “KEEP” and now we can all add Japanese beauty brand UZ to our laundry list of beloved make-up brands.

Their first product - perhaps the perfect liquid eyeliner - combines traditional Japanese craftsmanship with the latest technology to give us a precision pen so chic, so simple, and so effortless, you could do away with almost all other liners.

Not only is the design unique and inspiring, their viral marketing campaign “UNFRAME THE BEAUTY” caught the eyes of many at NYFW, with unbranded samples being handed about (in ‘confidential’ manilla envelopes, no less) asking recipients to post their thoughts on social media using the hashtags #KEEP or #DROP.


Luckily for us, fashion and beauty insiders voted to #KEEP the vague product and UZ have now launched their Eye Opening Liner in 14 shades, ranging from jet black to yellow to white and every shade in between.

Artisans from the Kumano and Nara regions of Japan make the brush by hand with custom-made fibre that creates the golden ratio of firmness, flexibility, and softness. This ratio allows the product to glide on easily and precisely.

One swipe is all it takes - and you don’t have to worry about it staying put. The liner’s formula is made with the latest Japanese waterproof technology. You can even use the white and khaki shades to recreate looks from UZ’s collaboration with 3.1 Phillip Lim at New York Fashion Week this past month.

The cherry on top of an already sweet product is UZ’s commitment to safe, sustainable products. Proving luxury sustainability can co-exist.

Image by Fiona Tsz Yuen Tam

Image by Fiona Tsz Yuen Tam



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