Image by Jenny Tarbell

Image by Jenny Tarbell

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Sun damage, frequent dying, heat setting, and even water pressure can all leave a mark on the condition of our hair. No matter your natural texture or type, every strand can benefit from the richness of a hair oil. Not least for it’s hydrating ability, but also with the right oil and application, your varied hair concern can be bettered with just a few drops. Take it from a ‘blonde’ expert, hair oils are worth adding to your beauty routine. And these four oils are sure to target your most common tress worry.


Gisou Honey Infused Hair Oil - $88

Who should use it: Anyone who is wanting stronger, healthier looking hair.

Key Ingredients: Honey, Almond Oil, Coconut Oil

Why you should use it: If hydration and repair are your first and most pressing concern, Gisou’s Honey Infused Hair Oil is our pick to get your locks back to their natural best. This compound has been worked to maintain the essential oils within the hair, resulting in stronger, healthier, and fuller curls, no matter the occasion.


Velvette Organics Premium Hair Oil - $62

Who should use it: For those who frequently use a curling iron (or any heat-setting tool).

Key Ingredients: Baobab, Argan Oil, Jojoba, Camellia and Perilla Oils

Why you should use it: Hair styling can often take a village. Some hair types choose not to cooperate, while others take direction like a duck to water. If you’re someone who frequently uses tools to get your every-day look, Velvette Organic’s Premium Hair Oil, winner of the Best Hair Styling Product at the Indie Beauty Expo 2018, is your answer. Not only an oil that will help tame, but jojoba, camellia and perilla will work to seal in moisture, to ensure you put your best and healthiest look forward.


Onira The Oil - $50

Who should use it: For beach-goers and swimmers alike.

Key Ingredients: Buruti Oil, Vitamin E, and Tahitian Ginger

Why you should use it: UV rays are just as harmful to our hair as they are our skin. So if you’re packing for a summer trip or weekend at the beach, consider including Onira The Oil in your beach tote. Similarly, if you’re a beach-babe who loves a dip in the water, this is a perfect treatment for post swimming. The Buruti oil and Vitamin E work to restructure your strands, especially those that have been impacted by chlorine exposure.


Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil - $32

Who should use it: Everyone! Especially if you’re someone who wants to give their mane a little lift, love, and shine before a date or special occasion

Key Ingredients: Rose Hip Oil, Shea Oil, Absinthium Oil

Why you should use it: The delightful double treatment that works on both form and fragrance. Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil not only nourishes and protects with intense moisturizing properties, but this smoothing hair oil will leave you with a shine second-to-none, and a scent that will have everyone in your orbit swooning. Heaven!