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Ever taken off on holiday and realized you left behind a crucial travel item? I have, on more occasions than I’d like to admit. This time, I have my girls to thank for my welcome reprieve.

Earlier this year I took my baby girls away for the weekend and, in the madness of getting three self-assertive women out the door, I forgot to pack two crucial beauty items - my beloved Augustinus Bader The Cream Moisturizer and Valmont D. Solution Booster for body.

There are two reasonable responses in a situation like this: one, race to the nearest shopping mall or drugstore and purchase a rather average alternative you will likely never use again; or two, turn to a travel partner and beg them to share their own beloved beauty go-to's with you.

The second would have made sense had I been traveling with girlfriends or colleagues, as is often the case with me. However, I had neither this weekend so instead, I stole from my unsuspecting daughters.

Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Mini Molecular Collection was honestly a godsend - and for devotees of Augustinus Bader, the creams feel very much the same. The Body Cream and Face Cream are delightfully delicious and worked wonders on my tired skin. Developed with the uniquely delicate, soft and sensitive nature of young skin in mind (naturally, my 30-something-shell lapped it up), each product is made without fragrance or harmful irritants and is gentle enough for every-day use. This was a major discovery.

To substitute my Valmont D. Solution Body Booster, I reached for the girls Bonpoint Creme Corps. Bonpoint has been a heavy feature in my kid's bathroom essentials for some time because I have an obsession with their scents - if you have never walked into a store of theirs (there is one in Soho and two on the Upper East Side), I would highly recommend. Their products are fresh with a subtle hint of orange blossom, and the moment I use the Creme Corps I am instantly transported back to Paris.

Cute cartoon animals and pretty-in-pink packaging are not characteristics that usually inspire my beauty selections, but I am glad I was forced to be open-minded on this occasion. Now, both Dr. Barbara Sturm Mini Molecular Collection and Bonpoint feature heavily in my own beauty drawer, and whenever I feel like my skin isn’t responding to my usual beauty regimen, I turn to my minis for a welcome change.

The thing I love most about sharing products with my girls (in addition to being able to describe my skin as soft as a baby’s bottom) is the reminder I get when I am traveling or away from home - it brings me that little closer to them, even when I am far away.



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