Rahua Hair Care Contributes to Amazon Rainforest Fire Relief

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words by CHRISTINE NOUMBA UM • Beauty

Deeply connected to the Amazon, Rahua hair care continues to support rainforest fire relief by donating 10% of proceeds through September.

While it may not be front page news any more, the Amazon fires are still burning and the preservation of this beautiful ecosystem is still top of mind. The founders of Rahua are dedicated to the preservation of the rainforest and have so far protected 105,000 acres of land for the Chichira (Achuar) indigenous tribe— this amounts to enough oxygen to offset carbon footprint for almost one million Americans. There is no doubt the recent fires are a huge cause for environmental concern as the Amazon forests are the ‘lungs of the Earth’. To combat this, Rahua has been donating 10% of all their sales proceeds throughout September to the Land is Life organization. Land is Life raises funds for the Indigenous Confederation for the Brazilian Amazon (COIAB) and supports the frontline brigades who are fighting these fires. All funds raised directly impact their technical capacities to fight the fire and protect the forest in the future.

Rahua supports over 500 indigenous Amazonian families, and the act of embracing a sustainable beauty routine honors the rainforests’ resources and the people involved. Rahua products feature potent Amazon Rainforest ingredients like the Omega 9 rich Rahua Oil, that provides smoothing and moisturizing effects. The oil is extracted by indigenous women of the Quechua-Shuar tribe through an ancient hand-harvested process. This Symbiotic-certified ingredient, grown in undisturbed virgin forests, enables the sustainability of the ancestral harvesting traditions and economic empowerment of indigenous people. All Rahua products are free from silicones, harsh detergents, parabens, mineral oil, sulfates (SLS), chemical fillers, and gluten - everything is plant-based, organic and non-toxic.

One new product to get started with is Rahua Defining Hair Spray, a medium hold that works for all hair types from straight to coiled. Sugarcane extracts offer definition and shine, and the non-aerosol formula leaves hair nourished and frizz-free. This hair spray is composed of organic Aloe and green tea, smooths and hydrates damaged lackluster hair, and helps protect the scalp from UV damage. Rahua has also just launched a Founder’s Blend Scalp and Hair Treatment, made with palo santo and hemp oil to help balance the scalp’s microbiome, providing a soothing, moisture balancing effect that strengthens hair roots and will help combat the cold weather this season.


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