Image by Fiona Tsz Yuen Tam

Image by Fiona Tsz Yuen Tam

words by DANIELLE RANSOM • Shop The StoryBeauty

Achieving a gorgeous UV-free glow has never been simpler.

Makeup and skincare have changed immensely since our mothers time and there are now countless highlighters, bronzers, oils, creams, and even shimmers - all designed to give you a luminous golden hue, sans the bikini session (and burn).

At the cornerstone of self-tanner is La Mer The Face & Body Gradual Tan. As one of the beauty worlds most beloved and iconic brands, La Mer is renowned for its quality product and use of fine ingredients. Their self-tanner is no different. It is made with their famed Miracle Broth and anti-aging combination of sea kelp and glycerin algae, each designed to help nourish the skin and encourage a youthful glow.


As with any self-tanning routine, it is important to exfoliate first, so the lotion doesn’t look splotchy or streaky once dry. The creamy texture of this lotion means it goes on ultra smooth and gives you a natural boost of radiance almost instantly. Plus it absorbs fast - unlike so many other tanners that take far too long to soak up (annoying for impatient people like myself; always in a rush and needing to dress immediately after showering!).

The light nature of La Mer self tanner means you may need a couple of applications to get a darker glow. But the color lasts about a week, which is pleasing considering it contains a smaller amount of the darkening agent typically found in tanning products.

If the idea of an instant, dramatic tan makes you sweat, then this is the gradual self-tanner for you. It’s also the perfect upkeep lotion for between sun-sessions (if you’re not time poor like myself and can actually get to a beach).  

Image by Fiona Tsz Yuen Tam

Image by Fiona Tsz Yuen Tam



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