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When you work around celebrities as often as I do, you’re prone to picking up a few of their beauty tricks. LED light therapy is my latest obsession.

Beauty trends are changing at the speed of light as LED therapy becomes the go-to treatment to reverse signs of aging and heal your skin. This kind of treatment puts the “energy” back into your cells to kick-start the rejuvenation process, which slows down considerably as we age.

Concerned about cellulite, fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage? One treatment and you’ll walk out of the session a changed person. I’m not kidding.

Need a little TLC? Stop by Dr. Colbert’s office.

This wellness oasis is home to the latest treatments that can treat any bodily concern, from acne to aches. His facial treatment has already won me over as a fan. Next on my list is his collagen bed.

The bed uses the latest light therapy techniques to relieve muscle and arthritic pain, increase blood circulation, stimulate collagen, and reduce inflammation in the joints. Your skin and body will thank you after you walk out of his office. Not only will you walk away with firmer, plump skin but your body will feel better, too.

Price: 40 minutes, $250; 5 sessions, $225; 10 sessions, $175; 25 sessions, $125; unlimited, $3,000/month

For all the Sleeping Beauties, take a Power Nap with Joanna Vargas.  

Yes, you can actually take a nap during a session at this skincare sanctuary. In fact, its encouraged so your body can reap biological benefits of what good rest can do while the infrared-light therapy transforms your skin.

Think about it. Humans did not evolve indoors under artificial light. Biology did its best work in harmony with the cycles of seasons marked by how much or little light was available. So, it makes sense our bodies would feel rejuvenated from a treatment that mimics this.

Price: 20 minutes, $150

For more serious concerns, try KUR Skinlab’s LimeLight Skin Therapy treatment.

This FDA-approved treatment harnesses every color from the light spectrum to undo years of damage and stress. They offer a wide options to treat different skin tones, and the different wavelengths target more serious skin conditions like rosacea and eczema. Instead of lying down in a bed, the KUR team go over areas of concern with a handheld device, focusing on one body part at a time to clear up cosmetic blemishes.

Price: varies depending on treatment, $175 to $365

If you’re just concerned about your face, check out NOY Skincare’s LED Facial.

Our faces go through a lot, from overexposure to the sun to slathering on too many products that mess with its balance. It could be years later down the line before the damage shows itself in the form of parched skin, uneven skin tone, and a rough texture.  NOY’s two step treatment (exfoliation + light therapy) gets rid of old cells while replenishing damaged ones, turning the clock back to unveil a more youthful appearance.

Price: 45 minutes, $175

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