Image by Jenny Tarbell

Image by Jenny Tarbell

words by DANIELLE RANSOM • Shop The StoryBeauty

Old-school luxury can feel like a rarity nowadays, but La Prairie reminds us of the elegance and simplicity the beauty industry was founded upon.

Barely a week passes without a new beauty brand launching or a marquee label releasing a cheaper, more accessible range than their one prior. I am all for the change happening as a result, but one has to ask - what is being left on the table in the race to be the hottest and latest beauty trend?

Old-school luxury often feels like a rarity nowadays. Despite creative packaging and flashy ingredient lists, modern-day products sometimes lack the elegant simplicity that heritage brands have forever been renowned for.

One such heritage brand is Swiss export, La Prairie. One of the first brands to offer high-class products backed by solid research. It is not surprising they have always garnered the industries tick of approval.


Their most prized products are the creamy moisturizers, which strike the perfect balance of being light in texture, yet heavy on ingredients. If you’re in the market for a lightweight summer moisturizer, try their Skin Caviar Luxe Cream ($505), made with shea butter, caviar extract, and La Prairie’s exclusive nutrient-rich cellular complex. Everything works together to give you a perfect rejuvenated complexion.

It has a very light, non-greasy texture that soaks into the skin instantly, and you only need a little bit. Your skin feels much like the body does after drinking the recommended 2L of water per day (although who really does this, really? I would say La Prairie is a much easier form of hydration!)


The steep price tag can make the cream feel more like an investment than a splurge, but if you have to live with the same skin for the rest of your life, I’m of the mind that investing in any long term care is rather priceless.