Image by Jenny Tarbell

Image by Jenny Tarbell

words by DANIELLE RANSOM • Shop The StoryBeauty

Radiant skin starts with a good skincare routine And These six steps are the key to skin so fresh, makeup won’t be necessary. What more could you want in this summer heat?

With summer in full swing, foundation and heat don’t exactly go well together. Ditch the highlighter and instead employ a skincare routine that you will give a glowing and fresh complexion. Sometimes you don’t have to get a good night’s rest to wake up with glowing skin. And it doesn’t have to take expensive spa visits, either.

Step One: cleanse

When cleansing it is important to keep your skin as hydrated as possible and this means a good cleanser. Hydrating cleansers work well for many people as they don’t strip your skin of the natural oils which are vital to the long term quality of your skin. And especially vital to achieving a glowing complexion.


Step two: tone

Toners are the key to prepping your skin for serums, moisturizers, masks, and whatever else will follow. A hydrating toner, like Fresh’s Rose Deep Hydration Toner ($45), is ideal as it is non-drying-out. Rosewater soothes away any signs of redness and irritation,  and the hyaluronic acid boosts moisture retention from within.

step three: exfoliate

Not only does exfoliation help to remove any dead and unwanted cells on the skin, this process helps to ensure the products we use on our face are absorbed adequately. Meaning, exfoliation is key to your boost of nutrients, hydration and glow. Look for an exfoliant that doubles as a light buffer and mask, like Summer Fridays R + R Mask ($52). This hydrating mask is a bouquet of antioxidant-rich facial oils like sunflower, argan, and grapeseed, which work to deeply hydrate and give you a lit-from-within glow.


step four: Hyrdrate

Follow with an oil-free serum to help strengthen the natural barrier of the skin and lock in moisture. MZ Skin's Lift and Lustre Golden Elixir Antioxidant Serum ($329) is a watery serum, but don’t be fooled by the light texture, this one is full of actives that help pump collagen into the cells. Apply from your face down to your décolletage. Since this serum is both a moisturizer and highlighter, massage it in after applying your water-based products.

step five: moisturize

Lightweight creamy moisturizers like Tatcha's Dewy Skin Cream ($68) are better suited for this kind of routine because heavier creams can make your skin feel congested and greasy. This squalene-based moisturizer soaks into the skin like without creating a film. Add a few drops of Dr. Barbara Sturm's Glow Drops ($145), a 2-in-1 priming highlighter, for a rich blend of antioxidants to smooth out any blemishes.


Step 6: Lock it in

Finish off with a facial mist like Tatcha's Luminous Dewy Face Mist ($48). Mists are great because they prevent your skin from drying out during the day and is the perfect makeup base if you don’t want your foundation to look heavy. This powerful refresher is made from organic ingredients to gives your skin an instant boost of antioxidants and freshness.


Images by Jenny Tarbell