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laser facial treatments were SURELY not where we pictured the beauty industry heading 10 years ago. But here we are.

It’s the latest trend to try and is being praised as the next big thing in skincare, with purported benefits ranging from clearing up acne to giving you shinier hair. Naturally, I was curious.

I work three jobs and anything that promises to make my life easier gets my attention. I don’t have that many problem areas but admit I was curious about the kind of facial that claims to alleviate the visual signs of life stresses - we all know those. That’s what led me to Dr. Travall Croom’s chair, to try his latest facial; an anti-aging cocktail that combines three various treatments. The first step: acupuncture.

While the little needles were in my face, Dr. Croom placed me under a hood that showered me in red light. Red light speeds up blood circulation in the skin and jump-starts collagen production, which evens out the complexion and rids the skin of hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and wrinkles.

Dr. Croom’s process doesn’t produce any heat, so I didn’t feel any burning pain - besides the initial pinch from the acupuncture needles. The facial is finished off with Croom’s own version of a microcurrent treatment that uses brief electrical “shocks”, in tune with my body, to accelerate the healing process. It is supposed to give your face a fresh and revitalized look. I, for one, was happy with the results.

When it comes to skincare, especially the sort that proclaims to reverse any signs of aging, I’ve nearly seen it all -- from vampire facials and microcurrent treatments to placenta facials. But his version is an LED-therapy skin treatment on steroids and goes beyond being the latest fad.

As with any treatment, multiple sessions are recommended in order to keep your skin looking youthful. And this facial from Dr. Croom helps to reinvigorate my skin — hopefully prolonging the time between my Botox visits.

At the end of the session, my skin is smoother and more radiant. My deeper wrinkles are less pronounced, while the fine lines appear to have gone away. If I was someone who struggled with maintaining a consistent beauty routine, this treatment would be a total saving grace.

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