Not Over Euphoria Yet? Doniella Davy Tells Us How To Recreate Her Favorite Makeup Looks

Photo courtesy of Doniella Davy

Photo courtesy of Doniella Davy


Euphoria's fantastical makeup looks are trending, and we've asked the show's head makeup artist Doniella Davy how to do them at home.

The buzz surrounding the fantastical makeup on HBO’s hit new show Euphoria is undeniable, from instagram to the runway. With a background in visual art, lead makeup artist Doniella Davy had a determined and whimsical vision for each of the show’s characters. With every look she creates an emotional insight to the characters’ stories, bringing their personalities to life in loud colors and sparkling textures. These playful and dramatic looks have taken the internet by storm and have moved to the forefront of fashion, runway, and beauty trends. From neon splashed lids to glitter tears and daring lips, the makeup on the show is a true feast for the eyes, and a window into gen-z culture. In the midst of NYFW, we asked Donni how to recreate each main character’s most defining look from Euphoria’s breakthrough first season.


Look 1: Rue | Episode 8 | “And Salt the Earth Behind You” | Winter Formal

Photo courtesy of Doniella Davy

Photo courtesy of Doniella Davy

“Writer/director Sam Levinson asked for Zendaya’s eyes to match her burgundy corset, which had a blueish purple incandescence to it. Aside from a glittery version of the same color palette from her outfit, I wanted to bring in an iridescent stick-on element to match Jules’ winter formal makeup. My thinking here is that this would create a visual link between them, and make it feel like Jules applied Rue’s makeup.  At this point, the billboard image had already come out, so I chose the star for Rue in order to tie her finale look to the 1st episode. I placed the star like a tear, and was hoping that we’d get organic glittery tears happening live while filming— which would tie in this look even more to the billboard image— and we did. When Rue starts crying while Jules is trying to convince her to get on the train, the billboard image (a film still from Episode 1) is literally recreated live on camera and the star starts traveling down her face. After Jules pulls away on the train leaving Rue behind, the star disappears. For the overall effect of Rue’s makeup during this episode, I wanted her to start off with warm glowing skin and a confined glittery eye look, and end up totally deconstructed.”

How to get the look:

  1. Kevin Aucoin Electro-Pop palette - the shimmery burgundy color applied with fingers all over lids, up into just beyond the crease. Then use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to blend the edges out. I would also apply this underneath the eyes with a small fluffy brush.

  2. Glitter Injection pressed glitters in Star of the Sea and Blueberry - Blueberry on the eyelids, applied with fingers, and Star of the Sea (which has tiny iridescent stars in it), applied on the brow bone and along the outer edge of the eyes. I wanted these tiny stars to catch the light in a close-up.

  3. Lemonhead Houdini glitter (the same from Jules’ carnival look to further insinuate a visual connection between them as well as show that Jules had done Rue’s makeup), applied with a small flat concealer brush on top of the eyeshadow along her lower lash line, bringing the glitter farther down her face as I got to her outer eye, so make a tear-puddle effect. There is a lot of glitter playing here, but the placement of it is specific. 

  4. Makeup Forever eyeliner in Countless Crimson (a light burgundy shade) - tight-lined on the lower water line.

  5. Loads of any type of mascara

  6. Glossier Boy Brow in Brown applied to airy and gently filled-in eyebrows

  7. MAC Face & Body foundation (or any other sheer coverage foundation would work) with a dewy finish

  8. Becca shimmery powder blush in Songbird applied on apples of cheeks with a soft round fluffy blush, building up the color slowly, to keep it subtle.

  9. Glossier Haloscope in Quartz or Topaz (whichever is more supportive to your complexion) on the cheekbones, applied with a beauty blender.

  10. Becca Lush Lipcolor Balm in Milk Chocolate or Chai Cream depending on what looks better on your skin tone. I think these two colors or a combination of them are beautiful


Look 2: Jules | Episode 8 “And Salt the Earth Behind You” | Winter Formal Look

“For Jules’ winter formal look, Sam asked for a goth vibe with red eyes. I loved how simple the red eyeshadow and liner looked, but I wanted to incorporate one final detail for Jules that would make this finale look really memorable and serve her storyline, so I added iridescent stick-ons by Face Lace to frame her inner eyes, which gave her an otherworldly, almost bug-like effect. She has been processing a ton of emotions but remains free spirited and fierce, and I wanted her look to reflect this and contrast the looks from her out-of-town trip. It’s like she swapped the gentle gems for something more advanced. I love how this look contrasts so strongly with her previous more lighthearted looks. It feels a little scary, like big unknown things are going to happen.”

How to get the look:

  1. MAC Painterly pot cream color (or another eyeshadow base) buffed over eyelids with a fluffy eyeshadow brush.  Using a base was necessary here to help give the red eyeshadow something extra to stick to in order to build up a really high pigment.

  2. Makeup Forever eyeliner in Perpetual Fire (a very bright red color) applied along upper and lower lash lines. Make a nice thick line around the entire eye. 

  3. Claropsyche eyeshadow palette, the red color - Apply this with a fluffy brush all over eyelid and up into the crease and also below the eye, along the lower lash line. Build up the color on top of the red eyeliner to really make it pop. You’re basically making a nice round smokey eye here.

  4. Loads of black mascara

  5. A sheer foundation with a dewy finish, or nothing at all! 

  6. Vapour Aura Multistick in Spark (cream blush, just a little bit on cheekbones, applied with a beauty blender)

  7. Chapstick or a nude lipstick (like MAC Honeylove or Blankety)

  8. Face Lace iridescent rounded crescents and little boomerang shaped stickers applied on the inner eye, or experiment with different pieces and/or placement.


Look 3: Kat | Episode 4 “Shook One Pt II” | Carnival Look

Photos courtesy of HBO, Doniella Davy

“Green is one of Kat’s makeup power colors… Instead of a blended look, I wanted to keep it all crisp because I knew there would be a lot of dark shadows during the carnival footage. Kat is experimenting with makeup and it felt natural to me that after debuting her new look with a dark green smokey eye, that her next dramatic eye look would be brighter and involve a different eyeshadow application technique. To keep things relatively unpolished and feeling real, I chose to blur her lips with a tint.” 

How to get the look:

  1. NYX Vivid Brights cream color in bright green applied with a flat concealer brush as a base all over eyelids, but keep in a round/oval shape. Bring the shape just above the crease.

  2. Use a shimmery light green eyeshadow to dust on top. This helps to set the cream color.

  3. Apply a tiny bit of green glitter or a really shimmery green eyeshadow toward the inner corners of your eyes to add reflection there. 

  4. Use a medium/dark green shimmery cream eyeshadow to line just below your lower lashes. I used a cream pot eyeshadow by Chanel.

  5. Line the lower waterline in black waterproof eyeliner.

  6. Load up with several coats of black mascara on top and bottom lashes.

  7. Glossier Boy Brow in Black (or whatever color matches your brows) and brush brows straight up

  8. Tarte Hydration Foundation was used here on Kat, but any foundation with a dewy finish would work.

  9. Stila Heavens Hue powder highlighter on cheekbones (it has a lavender shimmer!)

  10. Apply a berry or burgundy lipstick with fingers. Go slightly outside of your lip line so the effect is a bit blurry, almost like bee-stung or popsicle lips.


LOOK 4: Maddy | Episode 7 “The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed” | Gold Chain Eyeliner Look

“I wanted Maddy’s look here to be vulnerable and fierce at the same time. I knew all the girls would be seated around a dimly lit dining room table for this scene, and that Maddy and Barbie were going to get into a squabble, so I took special care in making sure Maddy and Barbie’s looks could rival each other and also be visible in the low light. While strolling through Michael’s one day, I wandered down their aisle of chains and jewelry-making supplies and immediately knew I had to design a look for Maddy with chain eyeliner. My makeup assistant on Euphoria, Kirsten Coleman, came up with the idea to put the chains on a baby blue backdrop for this scene, which I loved! Maddy was hurt by Kat in Episode 5, and for this moment in Episode 7 it was nice that Maddy’s eye makeup, even while dressed with a fierce gold chain, had a more vulnerable baby blue side to it.” 

How to get the look:

  1. MAC Painterly pot or any eyeshadow base so that the shimmery light blue eyeshadow has something good to stick to.

  2. Any shimmery light blue eyeshadow (or any color!) would work great for this look. ColourPop or NYX would be a great option. Use a fluffy brush and buff this in real good up into the crease and beyond.

  3. Draw on a thick wing with ColourPop Cream gel liner in Prance (or any other color of gel liner!). The line should be thick enough to accommodate the chain.

  4. Pick out chains from a craft store like Michael’s or Amazon and pre-cut them to the desired length. 

  5. Line one of your colored wings with clear-drying eyelash glue, and secure a chain on. Hold the chain on while it dries. This may take a few tries to get the placement right. Repeat with the other eye. 

  6. Since the chain will end abruptly, you may want to taper it out with matching rhinestones that get smaller and smaller OR small gold metal studs (you can do a search for nail studs and gems on Amazon to find the ultra tiny ones).

  7. A dewy-finish foundation of course (Armani was used here).

  8. I love Becca in Songbird as a blush option for this look.

  9. Hourglass powder highlighter was used here on the cheekbones

  10. A warm peachy pink nude lipstick looks amazing with light blue eyeshadow. Tarte Color Splash lipstick in Sunkissed or Beach babe would work great, which have a matte finish, or add gloss for a sheen. Lipliner wasn’t used for this look, but would totally work as well. Even just a nude gloss would look great.