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For many women ‘aging gracefully’ means keeping it a-la natural forever. And while I am in complete support of those who do it this way (power to you!), I personally like a little extra help.

I am the first to acknowledge that getting needles pricked into your face - willingly -  does not exactly scream sane, or even ‘normal’. It’s crazy! But sometimes in the name of beauty, crazy is necessary. And Dr. Colbert is my kind of crazy.

For a German country girl, the fact that a place like New York Dermatology Group can not only exist but that it is beyond popular seems mad. Dr. Colbert is one of the most highly sought after and trusted dermatologists in the city. And NYDG is like a supermarket of beauty treatments - a one-stop shop for all your beauty needs, so to speak.

Feeling droopy around the eyes? Botox can reverse it. Feeling deflated and like no amount of exercise, eating well, or drinking copious amounts of water is helping? No problem - an IV drip will bring you back to life. Want to lose weight fast? How about cryotherapy!

So far, I am only up for the Botox - although Dr. Colbert is more than happy to suggest, or rather, politely hint, I could do with a couple of fillers. While they don’t sound as drastic as some of his shopping list of procedures - there’s even a hormonal treatment that will fling you back to a near prepubescent time - I’m just not ready yet.

A couple of injections into the forehead, jawline, and neckline are usually all it takes to slap the elasticity back into my face. And thankfully the numbing cream applied beforehand means I am relatively unaware of what is happening throughout...for the most part.

What I love about Dr. Colbert is that we have similar visions of beauty. His ethos is to enhance the natural beauty within us, rather than completely mask it. His procedures are seamless, pain-free, and most importantly subtle.

Usually, 4-6 months will go by before gravity rudely reminds me to schedule an appointment at NYDG. And in between visits, I rely on Dr. Colbert's product line to keep the youthful, taught feeling alive.

Colbert MD illumino Anti-Aging Brightening Mask is a go-to for me. You can often see me lathering up mid-flight to ensure I’m feeling brighter, plumper and smoother for wherever I land. And his Soothe Night Cream is also great for reducing redness.

If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge toward the needle (completely understand), I highly recommend investing in at-home remedies, and Colbert MD is like a facelift without the added anxiety.



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