Image by Fiona Tsz Yuen Tam

Image by Fiona Tsz Yuen Tam

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If you want the kind of amazing results that a developed understanding of skincare can produce, look no further than Biologique Recherche.

In France, pharmacies are the cornerstone of beauty and wellness. Unlike the many American products you find at your high-street retailer, French skincare believes in using authentic ingredients that work in harmony with the skin. And that’s precisely what Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant & Masque VIP 02 do.

The Masque Vivant

This balancing mask purifies your pores and rejuvenates the skin from deep within. It clears away any break-out-causing bacteria while the Vitamin B helps keep the skin soft and supple. Life is naturally full of stresses; daily up-and-downs and the much-dreaded-yet-inevitable signs of aging. This amino-acid fueled mask is, therefore, a blessing. Not only does it keeps the lines from forming around your cheeks and forehead, but it also livens up your overall complexion. Biologique Recherche recommends leaving it on for 20 minutes, but if you’re a little more hardcore about your beauty, leave it a little longer (around 30 minutes), to give it that extra kick of magic. If you’re still not sold on the words of wisdom provided here, the two to three-month wait list should speak for itself.

Image by Fiona Tsz Yuen Tam

Image by Fiona Tsz Yuen Tam

The Masque VIP O2

This oxygen-packed mask is a literal breath of fresh air for your skin. The treatment replenishes thirsty cells with fatty acids and vitamin C, which help moisturize and regenerate any damage to the skin. This masque really takes moisturization to another level. Use it on any dry patches, and even the under-eye. The natural botanicals help even out skin tone, restore elasticity, and reduce pigmentation without unwanted stress (like a more basic face mask).

The real Biologique Recherche Masquing trick is to combine both the aforementioned together for a like-no-other at home facial treatment. Make sure to cleanse and tone as prep for the skin before you apply. And follow-up with a serum, facial moisturizer, or oil as see fit.

While the price tag (and medicinal smell) may have some scratching their heads, these masques are highly potent and only need to be used a couple of times a week. Trust in this Parisian indulgence, it is well worth the price tag.



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