Image by Fiona Tsz Yuen Tam

Image by Fiona Tsz Yuen Tam

words by DANIELLE RANSOM • Beauty

Until now I thought of an IV drip as something you got at the hospital when you were really sick. They remind me of when I was a little kid and the doctor was the big, bad boogeyman who enjoyed poking you with a needle.

Never in a million years did I think at-home hospital visits would become a thing, much less for something as ‘trivial’ as making your skin appear luminous and glowy.

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind. I’ve woken up in a new timezone every other day, and the countless clock changes, stale travel air, and lack of sleep had my skin and body feeling rather under the weather - including the rumblings of an ear infection.

I had two days at home between shows in Paris and Milan and decided I would indulge the IV fad and call upon someone to help bring me back to life. And I must say, the results were pretty impressive.


How does an at-home IV Drip Treatment work?

The whole process is as fuss-free as ordering take-out. Drip Hydration will arrange for a nurse to be sent to your house (at a time that suits your schedule), and 50 minutes later, you feel ready for anything!

They have a menu of options to select from and each is designed to cater to a pending ailment. Feeling tired, restless, or a little ill? The Myers Cocktail works as an overall healing treatment.  Feeling lack-luster and deflated? Dehydration is your complete revitalizing treatment. Needing a personal ‘pick-me-up’? Energy Boost is the answer - and my personal favorite.

Other IV Lounges, like Clean Market, even have solutions to help with hair growth, weight loss, and can rid your dreaded hangover in under an hour.

Drip Hydration nurse, Jacquelyn Ngyuen

Drip Hydration nurse, Jacquelyn Ngyuen

Comments from Jacquelyn Ngyuen, my at-home Drip Hydration nurse:

“Compared with a juice cleanse, where you have to wait a whole week before you see benefits, drip treatments give you immediate effects, as the vitamins and fluids go straight into your bloodstream.

“The [other] good thing about IV drip treatments is that because they are purely fluids, they are difficult to overdose on. You would have to ingest a lot for these solutions to be toxic or harmful, and no one is getting near close enough to a level you should have to worry about. That’s not to say you can’t run into health problems - or abuse it - just know your body and consider what it really needs.”

My final thoughts on the IV drip treatment?

Definitely worth it. A vitamin drip is much more effective than any topical treatment or ingestible. Immediately after my session was over, I was totally energized - without the jumpy, post-coffee feeling. I felt great, I looked better, and my mood was lifted before the treatment was even finished. And that rumbling of an ear infection? Never more than that, thanks to my anti-inflammatory concoction! $250 well spent.

Images by Fiona Tsz Yuen Tam

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